I’m going to gather all the ‘thanks’ from all the back issues here, soon. There were so many people that helped us along the way, I’m never going to remember them all off the top of my head, so I won’t attempt it. Meanwhile, there’s this…

In memoriam

We lost a lot of people we loved, along the way. People who were good friends, or relatives, or generally supportive of what we were trying to achieve with Welsh Bands Weekly. So, a shout out to all of them. Thanks guys, and sleep tight, wherever you are <3

  • Margie French (Nanny Marge)
  • Brian Jackson (Popsicles)
  • Myrtle McCabe (Buckin’ Little Witch)
  • Howard Marks
  • Jon Lee
  • Owain ‘Oz’ Wright
  • Maeyc Hewitt
  • Les ‘Little Les’ Morrison
  • Mel Fung
  • Stuart Cable